How Many Perfect Games In Mlb History?

Although we consider every day at the ballpark to be a perfect day, there have only been 23 real perfect games in Major League Baseball history. No hitter from the other team reaches base in a perfect game.

Similarly, Has anyone thrown 2 perfect games?

Although Jean Faut of the AAGPBL threw two perfect games in 1951 and 1953, no major league pitcher has ever pitched two perfect games.

Also, it is asked, How many perfect games did Nolan Ryan pitch?

With 12 one-hitters, he is tied with Bob Feller for the most in baseball. Ryan threw 18 two-hitters as well. Despite this, he has never thrown a perfect game or won the Cy Young Award.

Secondly, What MLB team has the most perfect games?

Despite the fact that the Tampa Bay Rays have only been around since 1998, they have surrendered three perfect games, the most of any MLB club. As an aside, all three perfect games were relinquished over the course of four years.

Also, Who has thrown a perfect game in MLB history?

There has never been a pitcher who has thrown more than one. Don Larsen’s perfect game in game 5 of the 1956 World Series is the only playoff perfect game and one of just two postseason no-hitters in major league history.

People also ask, How many perfect games did Randy Johnson throw?

Johnson, at the age of 40, became the oldest pitcher in Major League Baseball history to throw a perfect game, surpassing Cy Young, who did it in 1904 at the age of 37. This was baseball’s 17th perfect game, after David Cone’s 16th perfect game in 1999 Score in the box. Arizona PAB4R0H0RBI, Randy Johnson There are nine more columns.

Related Questions and Answers

Who has the most 1 hitters in MLB history?

Ryan, Nolan

Who pitched the most perfect games?

On, Cy Young, the guy who is named after baseball’s most prized pitching trophy, pitched a perfect game against the Philadelphia Athletics for the Boston Pilgrims. It was one of Young’s 511 victories, including 76 shutouts, on his route to a 2.63 ERA in his career.

What team has been no-hit the most?

Every major league team has been struck by a no-hitter at least twice, with the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers leading the list with 20 no-hitters in their lengthy history.

What is the rarest baseball play?

The triple play is unassisted.

Who threw most no-hitters?

Here’s the rundown, beginning with the pitcher with the most no-hitters: Nolan Ryan, who threw seven. Ryan, Nolan (7) Sandy Koufax vs. TEX (4) Justin Verlander (Sept.) (3) Bob Feller, September (3) CLEVELAND vs. CY YOUNG (3) J. BOS is a member of the New York Yankees. Larry Corcoran is a well-known television personality (3) Jake Arrieta (2) Mike Fiers (2)

Has a team ever lost a no-hitter?

A club has kept its opponent hitless five times in modern Major League history (since 1900), yet still lost the game. Click here for a full list of no-hitters.

Who has the most strikeouts in MLB history?

No. 1: Nolan Ryan (5,714 K’s) (1966-1993). Nolan Ryan holds the all-time record for most innings pitched in a career. From 1966 through 1993, Nolan Ryan had a 27-year career. Nolan Ryan struck out a total of 5,714 batters throughout this span. Ryan’s fastball was well-known.

Who is the hardest player to strikeout?

Contents. No player in the roughly 145-year history of professional baseball has been more difficult to strike out than Hall of Fame shortstop Joe Sewell. Only 114 times in 7,132 at-bats did Sewell hear the umpire declare “Strike three.” That equates to one strikeout every 63 at-bats, once every 17 games, or once every.

Do the White Sox have a perfect game?

It was Major League Baseball’s (MLB) 21st perfect game, and the third by a member of the White Sox. Although he had gone close to no-hitters on many times at various levels of organized baseball, it was Humber’s first career complete gamePhilip Humber’s perfect game. The Chicago White Sox are a baseball team based in Chicago, The Seattle Mariners are a baseball team based in Seattle 401 more rows to go

How many perfect games do the White Sox have?

three perfect games for the White Sox

How many no hitters did Mark Buehrle have?

two complete games

How many perfect games did Sandy Koufax have?

On J.Sandy Koufax’s perfect game, he struck out 14 hitters, the most ever in a perfect game, and only equaled by San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain on J.Sandy Koufax’s perfect game. The Chicago Cubs are a baseball team based in Chicago Dodgers of Los Angeles 011 rows to go

How many perfect games are there?

Does Kershaw have a perfect game?

Kershaw, 34, became just the second pitcher in big league history to go at least seven innings while maintaining his perfect game.

How many strikeouts did Randy Johnson have in his perfect game?

There were 13 strikeouts.

How many pitchers have thrown an immaculate inning?

A total of 41 occasions in Major League Baseball, 38 pitchers have pitched a nine-pitch, three-strikeout half-inning, throwing nothing but strikes. An immaculate inning is another name for this performance. Gary Matthews, Jr. is a member of the Gary Matthews, Jr.

Who threw the first 100 mph pitch?

(J – Ap.) was an American left-handed pitcher known as Dalko. He threw a fastball that possibly topped 100 mph (160 km/h) and was dubbed the quickest pitcher in baseball history.

Was Nolan Ryan the fastest pitcher ever?

The most often referenced remark comes from Nolan Ryan, whose fastball was “officially” recorded at 100.9 mph by the Guinness Book of World Records in a game against the Detroit Tigers on Aug.

What percent of MLB games are perfect games?

Major League Baseball had 16 teams playing 154 games through 1961, giving spectators a total of 2,464 opportunities to watch a perfect game. Multiply that. 001915 percent by 2,464 games, and you have a 4.7 percent chance of seeing a perfect game that season.

Has there ever been a 2 pitch inning?

Rome throws a two-pitch inning for the first time in his career. The Class A Rome reliever threw what is thought to be the Minor Leagues’ first-ever two-pitch inning in the top of the 10th inning on Friday, as the Braves beat West Virginia 4-3 at State Mutual Stadium.

Who hit into the most triple plays?

Brooks Robinson is a second baseman.

How many MLB players have hit 4 home runs in a game?

On other days, a player just feels “on” – only eighteen players in Major League history have felt this way throughout a game! Each of these sluggers accomplished the seemingly impossible feat of hitting four home runs in a single game.

Can you lose a perfect game?

A pitcher might theoretically lose a perfect game without delivering a pitch in the 10th inning. The extra-inning runner (EIR) might steal third and home right away, or the pitcher could toss the ball away in an attempt to stop the runner.

How many times has a triple play happen?

The unassisted triple play is one of Major League Baseball’s rarest spectacular accomplishments. It has only happened fifteen times in baseball history, and as the quotation below illustrates, it is a legacy that will live on through each and every player who has ever achieved this incredible achievement.

Does every MLB team have a no-hitter?

Major League Baseball now recognizes 314 no-hitters, the most recent of which was pitched on September by the Milwaukee Brewers’ Corbin Burnes and Josh Hader. With 26, the Los Angeles Dodgers have the most no-hitters in Major League Baseball history, while five other clubs have just one.


In MLB history, there have been a total of 4 no-hitters. In the National League, there are 3 no-hitters and in the American League, there is 1 no-hitter.

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