What Channel Is The Michigan Game On Tonight?

ESPN will broadcast the game nationwide. Holly Rowe and Marty Smith will provide sideline coverage, while Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit will call the action from the broadcast booth.

Similarly, How can I watch the Michigan game tonight?

The Big Ten Network, ESPN, ABC, FOX Sports 1, FOX local networks, and FOX Sports 1 all broadcast Michigan Wolverines games. With fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube, all of which cost $64.99/mo, Wolverines supporters may watch live games on all of these channels.

Also, it is asked, How can I watch the Michigan game live?

If you have a current subscription to fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, or DIRECTV STREAM, you may also watch the Michigan game live on those services. An ESPN live stream is available from each of the aforementioned choices. Free trials are available for qualifying users on YouTube TV and fuboTV. Being a Michigan Wolverine nowadays is a terrific experience.

Secondly, Can I watch the Michigan game on ESPN+?

Fans still have the opportunity to view a lot of programming from Power-5 conferences during the season, even if they won’t be treated to matchups like Notre Dame vs. USC, the Iron Bowl, or Michigan vs. Michigan State on ESPN+.

Also, What channel is the Michigan game on directv?

Channel 219 on DirecTV, Channel 1652 on AT&T U-Verse. Channel 150 on the Dish Network.

People also ask, Where can I watch the Michigan Michigan State game?

The game is streamable on Paramount+. At 12:30 PM ET, the Breslin Center will host the first tip. The most recent Michigan State vs. has the Spartans as three-point favorites.

Related Questions and Answers

What channel is MSU vs U of M?


What channel is the Michigan State basketball game on directv?

TV program CBS will broadcast the contest between Davidson and Michigan State. Your TV service provider? Depending on where you’re watching, you may get CBS on channels 7 or 707 (HD) on Spectrum cable, as well as on DirecTV, Dish, and AT&T. Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery, Grant Hill, and Tracy Wolfson will make up the broadcast crew.

Is the U of M game on YouTube TV?

Football Michigan Wolverines streaming on YouTube TV (Free Trial)

What channel is the Big Ten tournament on today?

Sunday, March 13, Big Ten championship gameGameTime (ET) TVChampionship3:30 p.m. No. 3 Purdue vs. No. 5 Iowa CBS and fuboTV

What channel is Michigan Indiana game on?

When Indiana hosts Michigan on CBS at 3:30 ET on Sunday, two Big Ten teams seek to build on the momentum of victory earlier this week.

What channel is the college football game on?

The national television schedule for college football, including every bowl game, the College Football Playoff, and each regular-season week. Time ET GameTV7:30p #17 is Kansas Southern Carolina ESPN28:00p Duke – North Carolina A&T ACCN9:00p Utah State – North Dakota CBSSN9:30p Boise State – UTEPFS1

Is there a football game today?

Today there are no NFL games.

What channel is ESPN Plus?

You must use the ESPN app to access ESPN Plus as it is not a TV channel. You shouldn’t have any trouble installing the ESPN app if your smart TV is linked to wifi or the internet via an ethernet connection.

How can I watch college football without cable for free?

a guide to watching college football without cable. antenna for HDTV. Sky TV. With Live TV, Hulu. Google TV FuboTV. Exceptional Plus. ESPN+.

How much is ESPN+ cost?

How much does a membership to ESPN Plus cost? A monthly ESPN Plus membership may be had for as little as $6.99. Additionally, you have the choice between a UFC PPV package, which is now $99.98, and a yearly plan, which is $69.99.

Is there a college football game on TV tonight?

Today’s college football games are not being played.

What channel is the Big Ten Network on on DirecTV?

610 channel

What channel is Fox Sports on directv?

station 219

How can I watch Michigan vs Michigan State 2021?

HOW TO VIEW Watch and record live college basketball on fuboTV: stream ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, & top networks without a cable subscription. Sling, YouTube TV, Fox Sports Go, Hulu + Live TV, and fubo (free trial). The victory by Purdue raises hopes that Michigan State will succeed in March.

Where can I Watch Michigan vs Michigan State 2021?

Fox will carry live nationwide the Michigan State vs. Michigan game.

Where can I watch Michigan State basketball tonight?

How to watch, listen to, and stream Maryland vs. Michigan State basketball Time of the game: 6:30 ET. Gainbridge Fieldhouse is the location (Indianapolis) (Thanks to Tipico) Betting prediction: Michigan State (-2.5) Large College Network (BTN) FuboTV, live streaming (try it free) Listen to MSUSpartans.com or Spartan Media Network.

Where can I watch Michigan State Michigan basketball?

Michigan State vs When: March 1st, Tuesday. 8:30 p.m. ET time. TV: FS1. FuboTV, live streaming (watch for free)

What network is carrying the Michigan State basketball game?

TV: FS1. Radio stations: WJR-AM and WWJ-AM (950). (760).

How do you watch ESPN?

On Apple, Android, Amazon Fire, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Oculus Go on the ESPN+ tab inside the ESPN app. Click here to see the complete list of streaming options and compatible devices.

What channel is Michigan vs Ohio State game on?

Where can I watch Ohio State vs. Michigan on television? The game is broadcast on FOX.

What channel is the Big Ten Tournament on Saturday?

The Big Ten Network will broadcast the first three days of the competition. The finals and semifinals will be broadcast on CBS.

How do I watch the Big Ten Tournament today?

Fox Sports currently offers the TV Everywhere service of the Big Ten Network. Please visit FoxSports.com or download the Fox Sports app to watch live streaming of televised games broadcast on Big Ten Network, FOX, or FS1. Please visit B1G+ to watch non-televised games live streaming.


The “what time does michigan play today” is a question that has been asked many times. The Michigan game is on tonight at 8:00 PM EST.

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