What Is Texas Game Warden?

Similarly, What does a Texas Game Warden do?

Texas Game Wardens are fully commissioned State Peace Officers that not only enforce fishing, hunting, and water safety rules, but also capture dangerous offenders and offer essential public safety to Texas residents.

Also, it is asked, Is a Texas Game Warden a police officer?

First and foremost, game wardens are law enforcement officers. That they are licensed peace officers in the state of Texas, and they are undoubtedly some of the most powerful cops in the state. They have the same powers as a normal police officer, including the ability to examine, search, seize, and arrest.

Secondly, What are Texas game wardens paid?

In Texas, how much does a Game Warden earn? In Texas, the average yearly compensation for a Game Warden is $58,671 per year as of. In case you need a quick salary calculation, it comes out to be about $28.21 per hour. This works out to $1,128 a week or $4,889 per month.

Also, What is a special Texas Game Warden?

A special game warden on active status has the same investigative and enforcement powers as a regular game warden under Section 11.0201(d) of the Parks and Wildlife Code.

People also ask, Why are game wardens so powerful?

Law enforcement officials that specialize in laws connected to the outdoors and natural resources are known as game wardens. Game wardens are among the highest-ranking authorities in a state, with power to enforce local, state, and federal laws.

Related Questions and Answers

Can Texas game wardens enter your home without a warrant?

The Texas and United States constitutions need a warrant for a police officer (or game warden) to enter and search your home.

Can a Texas Game Warden enter private property?

Can wildlife wardens enter private land at any time? Texas Game Wardens have the authority under Section 12.103(a) of the Parks and Wildlife Code to enter any land or water where wild game or fish are known to range or stray in order to enforce the state’s game and fish regulations.

Is becoming a game warden hard?

Being a game warden may be mentally and physically taxing. Candidates must pass a variety of mental and physical tests required by state and federal wildlife authorities. Some states demand that you pass a physical fitness test that includes sit-ups, push-ups, and jogging.

How hard is it to become a Texas Game Warden?

The application procedure for becoming a Texas Game Warden is very tough, and only the best candidates will be chosen to attend the Texas Game Warden Academy.

What state has the highest paid game wardens?

According to the BLS, the most paid states for game wardens are California, New Jersey, and Illinois, with California offering an average annual income of $88,150 in May 2020. State and national parks, as well as lakes, forests, coastal areas, and mountains, employ game wardens.

What hats do Texas game wardens wear?

Texas Rangers with BDUs are part of a Special Response Team. Only the uniform bought and issued to each Ranger will be worn while BDUs are worn, which includes the provided ball cap or “boonie hat,” issued boots, and issued T-Shirt.

How long does it take to become a Texas Game Warden?

In Texas, you may work as a federal game warden. In Georgia, training takes place over the course of 20 weeks and covers comparable themes. As one would imagine, the focus is on federal legislation and coordination with other federal intelligence and criminal investigation agencies.

Can Texas game wardens have beards?

The Texas Game Wardens are dressed differently than normal. To raise awareness and donations for pediatric cancer research, some people are growing beards and others are painting their nails. Facial hair and nail polish are not normally permitted under Game Warden rules, but they serve as fantastic reminders of the unsung warriors among us.

What degree is best for game warden?

A criminal justice degree is recommended since most states have granted game wardens the same power as police officers and state troopers. Biology and wildlife management, on the other hand, are good degree options. Bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice are available from a number of institutions and universities.

How often are game wardens killed?

Discussion. For game wardens, death in the course of duty is a rather uncommon occurrence. From 1886 through 2009, a total of 253 game wardens died in the course of duty for various reasons, including felonious murders and accidents.

Do Texas game wardens need probable cause?

(a) Without a warrant, a game warden or other peace officer having reasonable cause to suspect property is contraband may confiscate it. (2) If no one is apprehended for a crime immediately after the property is seized by the warden or officer.

Do Texas Rangers need a warrant?

As part of DPS, Texas Rangers have the same search power as any other peace officer in the state (as already discussed in another thread). A game warden, like any other peace officer, has no unique power to access your property without your consent or a warrant.

Are there really Texas Rangers in Texas?

Only 94 Texas Rangers are among the state’s more than 100,000 sworn law enforcement officials, yet they have statewide authority.

What cars do Texas Rangers drive?

The Texas Rangers mostly employ pickup trucks, the bulk of which are Ford F-150s. The department creates vehicle specifications, issues requisitions, and takes part in the bidding process.

How long is the game warden Academy?

New federal game wardens are required to attend a 44-week Field Training and Evaluation Program, which involves substantial work with seasoned officers who give instruction on investigative skills and wildlife legislation.

What is the starting salary for a Texas game warden?

Salary of a Game Warden in Texas According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, entry-level game warden cadets earn $3,362.50 per month at first, rising to $4,436.83 per month following training and probation. Game wardens make $5,409.92 a month after four years.

How competitive is game warden?

California game warden positions are now very competitive, whether at the state level with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife or at the federal level with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

Are Texas game wardens federal employees?

Despite this, the majority of game wardens work as conservation officers on state territory, enforcing hunting, fishing, and trapping rules as employees of a state’s “Department of Wildlife,” “Department of Natural Resources,” “Department of Fish and Game,” or similar organization.

What are the ranks of Texas game wardens?

As of 2017, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s wage structure based on time in service was as follows: Cadet Game Warden – $40,350 $44,082 for Game Warden I (Probationary). $53,242 for 1 year as a Game Warden I. $64,919. Game Warden II (4 years) $69,541 for Game Warden III (8 years). $72,613 – Game Warden IV (12 years).

Can you make 6 figures as a game warden?

Fish and game wardens, like other police officers, tend to receive greater money as they acquire experience and promotions. Half of all fish and game wardens reported yearly incomes ranging from $45,740 to $70,050, with the top 10% of top fish and game warden ranks earning $80,540 or more.


A game warden is a law enforcement officer who enforces hunting and fishing laws. They are typically employed by the government of Texas, but may also be found in other states.

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