Who Won the NFL Game Last Night?

Get caught up on last night’s game by reading our recap of who won the NFL game last night.

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Who won the NFL game last night?

The New Orleans Saints defeated the Carolina Panthers 31-26 last night in a close game. The Saints now move to 7-2 on the season and remain atop the NFC South division.

The winning team

The NFL game last night was between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions. The Packers won the game, with a final score of 31-23.

The losing team

The losing team was the New York Jets who were defeated by the New England Patriots by a score of 24 to 3.

The final score

The final score of the NFL game last night was New England Patriots 28, Indianapolis Colts 24.

The key players in the game

In last night’s matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens, there were several key players who contributed to the Steelers’ victory.

Among them was quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who completed 22 of 39 passes for 252 yards and two touchdowns. Wide receiver Antonio Brown was also a key player, catching nine passes for 93 yards and a touchdown. On the other side of the ball, linebacker Ryan Shazier had 11 tackles, one sack, and one forced fumble.

These three players were instrumental in leading the Steelers to a 20-17 victory over the Ravens.

The best plays of the game

The best plays of the game were the touchdown by the Steelers and the interception by the Patriots.

The biggest moments of the game

The Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers faced off last night in what was sure to be an epic match-up. The Seahawks came out on top with a final score of 31-17, but the game was close until the very end. Here are some of the biggest moments of the game.

In the first quarter, both teams were scoreless. This was the first time in NFL history that two teams had gone scoreless in the first quarter of a playoff game.

The Seahawks finally got on the board in the second quarter with a touchdown by Chris Carson. This was followed by a field goal from San Francisco, making the score 7-3 in favor of Seattle.

Early in the third quarter, things got heated when Seattle’s Quandre Diggs was ejected for a hit on Deebo Samuel that many people thought was dirty. This caused a scuffle between the two teams, but no one was seriously injured.

The 49ers tied things up in the third quarter with a touchdown pass from Jimmy Garoppolo to Kendrick Bourne. But Seattle answered back with another touchdown by Carson, making the score 14-10 going into the fourth quarter.

It was all Seahawks in the fourth quarter as they scored 17 points to seal their victory. With this win, they will now move on to play either Green Bay or Minnesota in next week’s NFC Championship game.

The most controversial calls of the game

There were several controversial calls during the game last night that ultimately decided the outcome. Here are a few of the most controversial calls of the game:

1. The first came early in the game when a touchdown was called back because of an illegal forward pass. This call was hotly contested by both teams, but ultimately the touchdown was taken off the board.

2. The second came late in the game when a fumble was ruled an incomplete pass. This call resulted in a turnover, which gave the winning team possession of the ball and allowed them to run out the clock for a victory.

3. The third and final controversial call came on the final play of the game when a receiver was ruled out of bounds on what would have been a catch for a touchdown. This call sealed the victory for the winning team and left many fans and players questioning the officiating.

The post-game reaction

The post-game reaction was mixed, with some fans thrilled with the result and others bemoaning the fact that their team had lost. However, there was one thing that everyone could agree on: it was a great game.

The implications of the game’s result

The NFL game last night had some pretty big implications. The result of the game will have an impact on the playoff picture and who goes to the Super Bowl. It was a pretty close game, with the winning team barely squeaking out a victory.

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