Who Won The Raiders Game Today?

Similarly, Do Raiders have a chance at playoffs?

The Raiders have a 47% probability of making the playoffs presently.

Also, it is asked, Who do the Raiders play in the playoffs?

The Las Vegas Raiders’ Derek Carr will lead the Silver and Black onto the field for an NFL Playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals today, after eight arduous seasons.

Secondly, Can the Raiders win the Super Bowl?

Washington Commanders, 198438-9; Philadelphia Eagles, 1984127-10 Minnesota Vikings (1977-32-14)

Also, Why is the Raider game delayed today?

Lightning caused the Raiders’ Monday Night Football’ game to be postponed. The Raiders and Chargers’ game on Monday night will be postponed due to lightning. The matchup between the AFC West foes will now begin at 8:50 p.m. ET.

People also ask, What place are the Raiders in?

Standings Kansas City Chiefs xz AFC WESTWPct xz120.833 Chiefs xy xy xy xy xy xy xy x xy100.500 Raiders Chargers 90.500 Los Angeles Chargers Broncos (Denver) Broncos (Denver) Broncos (Denver) Broncos

Related Questions and Answers

Are the Oakland Raiders in the playoffs?

The Raiders finally won a postseason place with a victory against the Chargers on Sunday night, after a chaotic game that didn’t end until the last second of overtime.

Are Raiders still in playoffs 2021?

Raiders of Las Vegas What to know: With a victory against the Chargers on Sunday night, the Raiders sealed a postseason spot. In the wild card round, Vegas will visit Cincinnati.

Are the Raiders a wild card?

The Las Vegas Raiders, one of professional sports’ most ICONIC clubs, are celebrating a landmark anniversary today.

How did the Raiders lose?

The Raiders’ season comes to a close with a 26-19 loss at Cincinnati. In a 26-19 NFL Playoff defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals, the Las Vegas Raiders made several unforced mistakes.

Who is going to the Super Bowl 2022?

The Bengals and Rams will face off in Super Bowl LVI, marking the first time these two teams have met in a championship game. 2. This is the Bengals’ first Super Bowl trip since losing 20-16 to the San Francisco 49ers in 1988.

Who won the most Super Bowls?

The Los Angeles Rams are the most recent Super Bowl champions. Los Angeles Rams is a professional American football team headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The Rams are a member of the National Football Conference West division of the National Football League. Wikipedia

Is Vegas still in the playoffs?

The Vegas Golden Knights are out of the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

Are the Vegas Golden Knights eliminated?

It’s simply amusing that the Golden Knights have been eliminated from postseason contention for the first time. Fans of the NHL are overjoyed.

Is Madden dead?

Pleasanton, California John Madden / Death Place Pleasanton is a city in the Californian county of Alameda. It is a suburb in the East Bay section of the Bay Area, located in the Amador Valley. At the time of the 2020 census, the population was 79,871. Pleasanton was named the richest middle-sized city in the United States by the Census Bureau in 2005 and 2007. Wikipedia

Who owns the Las Vegas Raiders?

Davises, Mark and Carol

Why did raiders leave Los Angeles?

The Raiders of Los Angeles have come to an end. Al Davis objected at the contract because it included a requirement that he welcome a second NFL club in the stadium as soon as 1998. Davis signed a letter of intent to return the Raiders to Oakland on J.

How did Al Davis buy the Raiders?

According to Forbes, Davis purchased a 10% stake in the Oakland Raiders for $18,500 in 1966, or a little more than $147,000 adjusted for inflation. By doing so, Davis gained access to the part of the Raiders organization that he truly wanted: rebuilding. He accomplished a lot of rebuilding.

Who’s going to the Super Bowl 2020?

The Kansas City Chiefs of the American Football Conference (AFC) beat the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football Conference (NFC) 31–20. On February, the game was held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Has a wild card team ever won the Super Bowl?

The Raiders were the first wild card club to win a Super Bowl when they defeated the Eagles in Super Bowl 15 in 1980. The 2020 Buccaneers, who defeated the Chiefs in Super Bowl 55, were the most recent club to achieve the accomplishment.

Who is the Number 1 team in the NFL?


How many teams are left in the playoffs?

There are just eight teams remaining.

Who are the wild-card teams?

The top club in each division goes to the playoffs as a wild card. Each conference’s top three non-division winners will be wild-card clubs, advancing to the playoffs.

What channel is the Raider game on tonight?

On NBC, the Raiders’ game will be shown nationwide. Former All-Pro quarterback Drew Brees will be on the line with play-by-play broadcaster Mike Tirico. The game will be broadcast live on NBC Sports or fuboTV, which provides a free trial.

Who will the Bills play in the playoffs if the Raiders win?

The Bills had a four-game winning run into the playoffs, matching their season high. The Bills will face the New England Patriots for the third time this season and the first time in the Super Bowl era after the Las Vegas Raiders beat the Los Angeles Chargers 35-32 in overtime on Sunday night.

Who will the Raiders play in the first round of the playoffs?

The Bengals are a professional football team based in Bengal

Who is favored to win Raiders vs Bengals?

In the current Raiders vs. Bengals odds from Caesars Sportsbook, Cincinnati is a six-point favorite, while the total points scored Over-Under is 48.5.


The “raiders score today 2021” is an online tool that allows users to find out the latest scores for any team in the NFL. The Raiders game ended at a final score of 29-26.

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